Eat, What, Wear: Sweet Cooie’s Ice Cream


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The crew of DSM loves a good sweet treat! The heat of summer is just around the corner so we journeyed to the newly opened Sweet Cooie’s for dreamy, creamy desserts.

Sweet Cooie’s is Congress Park’s pastel sister of Little Man Ice Cream. Inside, you’ll find standard Little Man flavors plus bonus flavors you can’t get anywhere else. The Rocky Mountain Mint was a group favorite.  Try them in a sprinkle coated cone, a milkshake or a sundae.

If you’re in the mood for serious decadence, the “Gooey Cooie” ice cream sandwich is the way to go. A fresh brioche bun is filled with your choice of ice cream, warmed in a press and then drizzled with frosting. It’s the perfect combination of warm bread and cold ice cream!

Kelsey’s Outfit is from Midnight Rambler + Intrigue Boutique.

Elaine’s outfit is from Rebel.

Ashlee’s outfit is from The Mama’hood.

Kylie’s outfit is from Melrose + Madison.

Before you leave, make sure you grab a gumball!

Find Sweet Cooie’s at 3506 East 12th Ave., online or follow them on Facebook or on Instagram.

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